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The staff at Living Sober has been hand-picked to bring you a depth of experience in 12-step work with proven results.  



With years of experience, our dedicated team of recovery professionals will assess you and create a custom recovery plan that's right for you. 



Living Sober is a natural growth extension of Sober Living in Delray, www.soberlivingindelray.com, a Level 3-FARR Certified Recovery Residence, ensuring the highest standards in all that we do. 

Our Parent Company

Sober Living in Delray, LLC

With over 26 years in operation, Sober Living in Delray has established itself as South Florida's premiere Recovery Residence. Our staff is dedicated to helping men and women recovering from addiction and are available to assist clients on their paths to achieve serenity and maintain emotionally and spiritually balanced lives. Our goal is to provide a safe, supportive, drug-free environment for recovering men and women who require a structured environment as they re-enter the workplace and community.

Executive Director

Michael Schlossman, JD

Michael is the CEO and General Counsel at Sober Living in Delray and the Executive Director of the Living Sober program. He is an experienced Executive and Clinician who has worked at every level of care including Detox, Residential, Day/Night, IOP, and OP.  Michael is a person in long term recovery and a member of the Delray Beach Drug Task Force.  In addition, he is the Chairperson of the Palm Beach County Opioid Response Plan Steering Committee. Having dedicated his life to helping others recover from alcoholism and drug addiction, Michael is also an Attorney, admitted to both the New York and Florida Bars, as an Authorized House Counsel.  This unique combination of skills affords Michael the opportunity to serve our clients with excellent care as they seek to re-create their lives as sober men and women of integrity.

"The Power of this program saved my life and now it's my honor to pass it on to you."

                                                                   ~ Michael Schlossman, Executive Director


Our Staff

Chris ege, crra


General Manager



Director of Operations

brad hanley, crra


Admissions & Business Development



Certified Therapy Dog

Behavioral health technicians


Billy Jankiewicz

Jacob Kimbarow

Doug Graham

Michael McCann

Ryan Ray

Suzanne Dixon

Kathy Whalen


Sarah Bahn



Group Facilitator

Lori Kramer-Feingold, LCSW


Group Facilitator

Tom Roach


Group Facilitator



"I recommend this to anyone I know." 

~ Nick L.

"Such a good man! The Spiritual life is not a theory, he lives it!!" 

~ Christopher H.

"They are so wonderful and amazing at what they do. They truly care and help you in your troubled times. I'm blessed to have met them. They helped me help myself improve my faith." 

~ Shell S.

"One of the greatest gifts I have been given here on earth is to have the privilege to not only listen to Michael....But for him to truly listen to me!" 

~ Rhonda G.

"I have spent time with Michael on multiple occasions and in different settings. I find Michael to be a very inspired individual who is taking a path that can only lead to helping others." 

~ Robert M.